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This is a flooring catalog that I designed to showcase the different flooring products offered by Forest Atlantic. You can flip through the catalog like an actual book by clicking and dragging the corners of each page. You can also use the navigation buttons at the side of each page. Full screen is available and can be activated from the menu at the top of the booklet.




I have done a lot of work for Forest Atlantic. I designed their logo, business cards, stationary system, email templates, packaging, various marketing materials, I designed and built their website and much, much more. However, their salesmen in the field were still struggling to properly explain and showcase all the various flooring products and needed something informative, visual and tangible that could be left behind with customers. Also, stores that carried Forest Atlantic products had no information to give customers besides the information already on the boxes.  After some thought I decided that a full catalog would be the best solution to this problem. Salesmen could use it in meetings, leave it customers, and people in stores could pick up at displays for more information. I designed the catalog to be visually beautiful, immersive, easy to navigate, easy to read, and to properly display loads of information about the brand. It was a huge success is it is still one of Forest Atlantic’s main sales tools.

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