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Squarous is a massive real estate platform that I designed for Hutchinson Creek. It is my master piece and my love letter to the internet. It functions exactly like Zillow (maybe even a little better in some places) and I built it completely un-assisted.





Squarous is a complete real estate website that was designed and built by me for Hutchinson Creek Capital so they could sell their investment properties. It is a content management system that operates without an MLS and allows users to input houses into a vast searchable database. Users can create accounts, save searches, save favorites, compare properties, search via a map, and more all inside this self contained platform. The site is beautiful, easy to use, and offers almost every single feature to users as Zillow does. I created everything myself from the beautiful front end interface that users see/interact with, to the backend interface that allows you change virtually anything/everything about the platform with a mouse click. It’s all built on top of the content management system Joomla and is driven by a MYSQL Database. It is responsive and scales to any device, and has loads of features that I cannot describe here without writing a novel. This site is my masterpiece and love letter to the internet and you can visit it by clicking the link below.


You can click here to visit an ideal copy of Squarous running on my personal servers.

This ideal version was backed up late in the development cycle, so while it is complete looking; all of the properties are fake/sample properties and all the information is fake/sample info. So if you come across something that looks a bit off, it was most likely a place holder until the real data was added later.


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